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No folk festival without People. No Haslital Highland Festival without volunteers! Find out more in this video.

Over 200 volunteers from and for regional «Vereine» are on duty before, during and after our festival. Without these hard-working hands, the Highland Highlight would not be possible. Join our list now; we will get back to you. You benefit from these Advantages:

  • Access to the festival

  • Free campsite

  • Exclusive helper shirt

  • Free meals 

  • Invitation to the volunteer event

  • Financial compensation as a support contribution to an «Verein» of your choice.

Nice to know

Thank you for your willingness


Highland what?

«Whether you are taking part or spectating, Scottish Highland Games is a truly magnificent collaboration of both Scottish tradition and community spirit, allowing Scottish heritage to remain alive and integrated in the lives and cultures of generations to come.»

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