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Logo haslital highland festival 20220815 - mit weissem Rand.png
Logo haslital highland festival 20220815 - mit weissem Rand.png
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Haslital Highland Festival

Pipes & drums

ruitheam agus fonn

The "Highland Games" are always accompanied by traditional music, especially bagpipes, and dances. There are also competitions here. That's what the organizers of the Haslital Highland Festival want. «We want to give the festival visitors the most authentic image possible and bring together what belongs together in the Haslital; Pipes, Games and Dance» explains co-initiator Maurice Winands. The musical part of the festival will take place under the patronage of the «Pipe Band Association of Switzerland (PBAS)». It is directly affiliated with the "Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association" (RSPBA) and aims to promote the Scottish tradition in Switzerland. The awarding of the festival in the Haslital by the PBAS means that referees and judges will also arrive from Scotland in September 2023 and evaluate the participating musicians. Sounds familiar to the general public from heroic films in particular are played here in a wide variety of "repertories". The unmistakable "Great Highland Bagpipe" will be heard at various locations in the valley and the festival site. You will compete in bands and solo during the Haslital Highland Festival in a 50 x 50 meter arena.


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