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Haslital Highland Festival

Highland Games


The "Highland Games", traditional events with sporting competitions, supposedly date back to the time of the Celtic kings in Scotland. According to legend, they were fought to find the strongest and fastest men in Scotland, who often became bodyguards and messengers or warriors for the king. Women can also take part in the Highland Games. Beyond the Scottish Highlands and probably the most well-known discipline in the Games is "Tossing the Caber", translated and better known as tree trunk throwing. The most famous games take place in Braemar every year at the beginning of September. This was under the patronage of Queen Elizabeth II until her recent death and is very close to Balmoral Castle. They all have their own character and maintain their own traditions, but the "Highland Games" all have one thing in common. They are always held in stunning locations, as is Scottish tradition. "The large-scale festival site, mostly in the open air, offers an authentic backdrop between the impressive rock faces of the surrounding mountains and is perfect for the Scottish folk festival." says Christian Bachmann, co-initiator. They are carried out in close cooperation with the HGVS, the "Highland Games" association of Switzerland. The athletes play in the Haslital on a 50 x 70 meter natural field and, as usual, in a checkered, knee-length kilt.

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