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Haslital Highland Festival

highland dance


The dancers of the Highland Dance move “according to the Scottish tune”. The third area of the Highland spectacle in the Haslital. Perhaps nothing captures the spirit of Scottish culture better than the sight of a Highland dance performed at a Highland Gathering in a far corner of the world. The challenging dance style requires a lot of strength, coordination and discipline. This story also has its origins in the soldiers' parlor of the Scottish military. It was once a fitness training and intended exclusively for men. Scottish emigrants later took this sophisticated form of national dance all over the world. Today competitions are regularly held in Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, the United States and many other places. With the Haslital for the first time in Switzerland. Over the years, the "Highland Dance" has developed from a purely male domain to a dance that is now danced to over 95% by women. In Switzerland, "Highland Dance" is integrated into the PBAS and, thanks to the "School of Highland Dancing Basel", repeatedly attracts public attention. At the Haslital Highland Festival, the dancers can be seen spontaneously at various locations and on the 20 x 20 meter competition stage set up for this purpose in the center of the festival site.

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